Sales:Terms & Conditions

These are generally one of a kind items and I am a one man shop - I may be gone for the weekend or life may be intruding in some other fashion.  I do not answer emails regarding stock when I am away, as I cannot check my stock remotely. For items purchased thru the shopping Cart, I will do my best to ship within 3 business days after payment is made. So, if you order Friday, the third business day is Wednesday the following week. I ship dozens of items worldwide each year with many repeat customers - I understand the concerns of global shoppers.  All items are shipped in new, plain, super sturdy boxes, sealed with tamper resistant tape, with printed labels, smaller items are in quality bubble envelopes.  No advertising or invoices, inside or out, regarding the contents or their value. Some customers split their payment into two transfers: one for the item, one for shipping. Terms & Conditions of Sales
  • Due to considerable age, all vintage watches and other items are sold without  warranty as to continued function once they leave our control. They are carefully shipped USPS Priority as described, with optional insurance if paid for.  The only exception to this is items that cost $300 or more are covered by our DataDots Arrive Alive policy.  Most items items above $100 ARE DataDot-ed but only as a hedge against false damage claims - they are not covered under the Arrive Alive policy.

  •  We do not send items out on approval;

  • There are no returns unless a gross error was made by us -  if we agree that an error was made,  we will refund the entire amount paid, including return shipping cost, upon return of the item;

  • Insurance is always paid by the purchaser;

  • Michigan(USA) residents pay 6% sales tax.

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