357 battery spacers (only) for Pulsar Hamilton Omega,Watch repair toolswatch batteries at Retroleds.com for vintage & modern digital watches, both LED & LCD.

357 Batteries & spacers for magnet-set Pulsar Hamilton Omega

$ 10

Two spacers/pair  AND two #357 batteries(sealed).
Early magnet set Pulsar, Omega and Hamilton LED watches (along with some Saturn/Armitron/Quasar LEDs) used a now obsolete battery, the #355. It has been replaced by #357.

These spacers are custom made to our specifications out of Delrin plastic. They slide smoothly on the battery and are a precise amount shorter than the battery, without being TOO short. These spacers help your batteries align themselves perfectly every time. Home-made solutions often bind on the batteries or allow too much tipping of the battery, leading to erratic function.

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