Hi-Mu 80 shunts internal for magnet set watches.

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Use as suggested on pg.22 of Pulsar Jeweler’s Technical Manual 2nd Edition. These can be used in all magnet set Pulsar, Omega, Hamilton and other brand LED watches.
Hi-Mu 80 is an 80% nickel-iron-molybdenum alloy primarily used to protect electrical components from stray magnetic shields. It is also used in transformer cores, tape wound toroids and laminations where compactness and weight factors are important. It is the only type of shunt material that will last – common steel shunts will become saturated/magnetized over a few weeks and cause erratic function.  These shunts are approx. 5X8 mm., self adhesive ovals with a hole at one end. Includes one instructional page.

These can also be used on the case-back, to the left of the “HR” slot” or right of the “MIN” slot to help avoid activating command reeds, particularly in cases where the command reeds themselves are weak spec(more sensitive), during setting procedures.

4 shunts./price.

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