Wittnauer Gold Nugget LED

$ 3,200

Gorgeous example of this super rare Wittnauer LED.  Band ends are solid 10k gold(marked), the expandable band back(ultrasonically cleaned) is 10k r.g.p.  The crystal is flawless, the watch works perfectly, holding a Hughes dot-display(earliest model)movement. The expandable band goes over a large hand easily, is a wonderful fit on an 8″ wrist but would go down to 7 1/4″ and still be applying a small amount of tension. The band and watch bezel(which has 14k plate) are both encrusted with natural gold nuggets of 23+k – presumably from the Lahaina gold-works in Maui, Hawaii, as they are the only company known to do these after-factory upgrades of Wittnauers during that era. 

It comes in the deluxe Wittnauer box, complete with gold lid(not shown).  *This watch can also hold a Hughes DOW(day-of-week) or programmable-message movement.  I will include or install one of those at no additional cost.

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