Uranus Prototype/Demo Calculator Watch ?

$ 999

Excellent to Mint Condition with some blemishes as noted.
This is an incredible oddity.  .  . found in a box of stuff from the estate of a former Uranus salesman.
It LOOKS like a calculator, but the buttons are fakes – they are only pressed into the case and polished on top.
The case is fitted with the recessed setting buttons on each side that were used for charging of the actual calculator watches – in this case the right setting button actually is for setting the watch.
Rather than the notoriously bad Uranus module (virtually impossible to find functional in a calculator model), this piece has been loaded with a high quality Hughes day-of-week module.s
Unworn Uranus band with all links opens to go over the largest hand and fits an 8″ wrist comfortably loose – it is  marked with their logo and the LED name. . .something Uranus did slightly odd, they also marked their boxes on the inside with both Uranus and “LED”.  The crystal is new/old-stock, the side of the case with the command buttons does show some brassing through the plating, as shown in the picture. The case is machined from jewelers brass so the underlying color is still “gold”.
Excellent Uranus/LED display box rounds out this item.  You can be fairly certain you will not bump into someone else with the same watch.

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