vintage LED watch User Programmable Hughes Message Module

User Programmable Hughes Message Module

$ 250

(watch in picture not included)
The Hughes Programmable Message Module displays 5, five-letter words sequentially from a SINGLE PRESS of the 7 o'clock position button on any 2 button case made to hold a Hughes 29mm, two-button module. Like the case in the picture. There are very few two button cases that ARE NOT for a Hughes module.

Time Display: This module displays time, seconds, date and day-of-week. In addition to the message.

The programming is performed strictly through the buttons on the case. The sequence can seem daunting, but really just takes following the directions carefully and reading the small caveats to same. The letters for each position, in each word, are “Grabbed” by pressing one of the buttons as the alphabet and all the others charecters of a standard QWERTY keyboard(except brackets) scroll by leisurely.

I'll include TWO different directions with these modules – one that is authored by myself and one that is a copy of the factory original.

*Note: We can reduce the price of your watch by $80 if we are exchanging it's current module with one of these and keeping the standard module.

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