I am a one man shop – I may be gone for a weekend or life may be intruding in some other fashion. Re. items purchased thru the shopping Cart, I do my best to ship within 3 business days after payment is made. So, if you order Friday, the third business day is Wednesday the following week. Re. Items NOT purchased thru the shopping cart: these are generally an item you contacted me about and I am going to assemble for you. I will do my best to ship within 7 business days. 
Shipping and Ordering terms.
Use the currency convector below menu  to get a very close pricing n shipping.. We are in the USA.
USA & CANADA ships by United States Postal Service Priority Mail, signature required. OUSIDE OF USA & CANADA ships by United States Postal Service Registered Mail, tracked, signature required.
We ship dozens of items worldwide each year with many repeat customers - I understand the concerns of global shoppers.  All items are shipped in new, plain, super sturdy boxes, sealed with tamper resistant tape, with printed labels, smaller items are in quality bubble envelopes.  Unboxed watches are sealed in a bubble envelope which is then placed in a box – avoids “curious fingers” incidents!  No advertising or invoices, inside or out, regarding the contents, purchase price or value.
*Some customers prefer to split their payment into two transfers for tax or insurance reasons – request a manual invoice if that applies to your situation.  No reason to get taxed on shipping or items you don't need to.


All payment requests, invoices, etc. will show as generating from It may seem odd that we would not use our website for our email; we have had that email handle for several years before this business was formally started.
Direct Bank Money Transfer Use this to make your payment directly into our bank account – order won’t be shipping until the money is received. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Print off your receipt and it will have our bank information on it. Your order wont be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account. Check/Money Order All checks must be drawn from an International bank. Money Orders, particularly Postal Money Orders must be type INTERNATIONAL. Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared. Send payments to: Retroleds – Purchasing 1448 Camille Drive Highland, MI 48357 USA Include a copy of your Invoice / Receipt
Holding of Items Pending Purchase
Items purchased by “Direct to Bank” payment could possibly be sold to another while we are waiting for the payment to be received or cleared.  This would be extremely rare but possible.  We cannot hold items due to the problem of people placing orders for items and never completing the purchase.
If you want to request an item to be held for you, please make a direct, email request to me (owner, Ed Cantarella)

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