Pulsar Jeweler’s Technical Manual

This 2nd Edition Pulsar Jeweler’s Technical Manual is provided here as a free, no-obligation service to visitors of this site.  But some parts of the manual really don’t get you anywhere, or could use a little on point explanation so you don’t miss a critical point.  This page is one of the few where I will have moderated commentary or addendum to the information allowed, with full credit given to useful additions.

Manual links:

Pulsar Manual 2nd Edition pages 001-16

Pulsar Manual 2ndEdition pages 17-30

Pulsar Manual 2ndEdition 31-end

Commentary on manual – pages numbers AS PRINTED.

Page 22. Observe the position of the casebsack notch in pictures carefully –  proper magnet and button [installation] orientation is differnt on each side – one is up, one is down. The hole in the shunt provides a narrow window that lets a limited beam of magnetism through, only in that area. Steel shunts will only last a few weeks before becoming saturated(magnetized) and ineffective – Hi-Mu 80 Metal shunts last indefinitely.

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