The swapping of movements is a continuous problem for sellers of timepieces. Law enforcement has been unable to do anything about it either - until now. Help has arrived in the form of Data Dots® and Data Dots DNA®.  Both products are small dots the size of a grain of sand, that are laser etched with a unique number and our website address - it takes a 50X microscope to read them!  They are applied with a special adhesive that makes it impossible to remove them without destroying them, and every purchaser of the system has a unique PIN number needed to place orders, to prevent criminals from ordering Data Dots® with their information. is proud to be the first distributor of vintage timepieces using this system and will be offering a full refund, with shipping, on all watches valued over $300(purchase price) shipped that do not ARRIVE ALIVE.  This is the same technology that automobile companies are using to mark parts of cars to thwart car theft rings - it works! Process: You return the watch, we will check for the Data Dot®s - if no tampering is evident we will make an immediate refund or replace/exchange at your discretion.  Otherwise, we'll confiscate the item and possibly contact law enforcement officials in your jurisdiction - we will give you an opportunity to explain first why the dots are missing.  The dots are placed on internal components that are non-replaceable or removable.  The cost to us is minimal - about $.30....the benefits to you are priceless.  No haggling, no accusations of swapping, possible identification of stolen property(all are uniquely labeled) and lower prices overall. A 100% win-win situation.

You must contact us within a day or so of your watch being delivered with any issue. We cannot reasonably extend our offer beyond the first day or two, as we have no control over handling conditions at your end.

Honest men and women have nothing to fear.

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