Ed Cantarella c/o 1448 Camille Drive HIghland, MI 48357 Where's the phone #?(It's below)  Email is much more effective - we both have a written document of what was discussed.  Phone calls regarding watches and their particulars have, historically, been very unproductive.  Few people remember the details. I really can't spend 1/2 an hour with you 3-4 times over a $500 purchase.  A $500 sale might have $50-70 of profit for me, which is then divided by the total numbers of hours I spend each week on this business and the time and effort I spent on preparing that piece for sale. IF you really feel the need to call - email me first, give me your phone number so I can recognize it on caller ID and lets agree on a day and approx. time. Our number is 248-563-3495  We are in the Eastern TIme zone. The International calling code is 1, but you may need an exit code before that.  This site has a nice tool for figuring that out.

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