ABOUT RETROLEDS RetroLEDS.com is an online presence of Shimmering Image Productions, Inc., a Michigan, USA registered corporation since 1999. Ed Cantarella, a/k/a - Mr. Ed / site owner. I have been tinkering on electronics items for about as long as I can remember: my late father was the one who got me started, fixing electric motors and building crystal radios (I learned to tap the telephone with one). I started my adult work experiences as a transmission shop "tear-out" mechanic, then 12 years in the tool and die trades, becoming a journeyman toolmaker in 1982.  I spent all of the '90s as a paralegal for a U.S. patent attorney, during which time I worked toward a journalism degree with a minor in computer science. In 1998 I started a computer repair and support business, which led to a client asking me if I could look at some of his LED watches.  Not too long after that he asked me if I would like to take some watches in trade against my bill - I did and I WAS HOOKED!! Since then I have worked on thousands of watches for myself and for customers that span the globe.  I am a member of the NAWCC, of several watch forums and owned & operated the dwf.nu digital watch forum for 5 years and still own/operate the reference sites www.ledwatches.net and www.thedigitalwatch.com  - sharing and receiving the knowledge is always fun and redeeming.  I seriously want other people to learn about the internals of these pieces and how to maintain & repair them as their skills develop - I won't be doing this forever and what better legacy than leaving some useful knowledge behind. RE: Untested Watches To my way of thinking, a collectible watch of "unknown" function should optimally be bought by: (a) a repairperson; or, (b) a person who can afford to buy the non-working piece and absorb the potential cost/loss - not just pass it on to some other unsuspecting person!! I believe the intentional "passing" of watches tested and known to be broken drives away collectors who are disheartened by their "bad luck". I'm thinking it isn't "bad luck" - it's people doing bad things to other people. That said,  buying a "mystery piece" is certainly not the worst thing you could be doing with your time or money if you can afford it.  If your goal is to become a repairperson the broken ones will be good practice - and you (like me) will certainly break a few along the road of knowledge. There are other good, established dealers and a handful of competent, honest repairers of Timepieces on every continent - my Links page takes you to some of my "colleagues in sales" sites.  Seriously, many of us who are committed to repairing and/or dealing in digital watches co-operate with each other by trading and selling parts so watches can be completed for YOU! There can be quite a bit of fun to the world of horology( the science of time, timekeeping and timekeepers) and some wicked squabbling over history, etc.; otherwise, I for one wouldn't be doing this! LOL!! My goal is to offer a little bit of everything, from the moderate quality watches for everyday wear or the beginning collector, to high-end items for those who appreciate being able to carefully develop their collection without the impulsiveness and tension of bidding in an auction. Thank You for showing up, my friends!! Ed Cantarella - site owner/operator Email:  retroleds@aol.com Alter ego: retroleds on  www.thedigitalwatch.com Along with this private selling site, I also run: www.ledwatches.net - reference site for all things digital time related. www.thedigitalwatch.com - reference site AND forum and online user galleries...intended as an eventaul total replacement for ledwatches.net 'Stuff' below....microdata text...Google it if curious. 🙂 [schema type="organization" orgtype="LocalBusiness" url="http://www.retroleds.com" name="RetroLeds.com" description="LED, LCD and mechanical watches & gadgets: Sales,parts. tools, batteries, DIY information & reference charts." street="1448 Camille Drive" city="Highland" state="MI" postalcode="48357" country="US" email="retroleds@aol.com, sales@retroleds.com" ] Shameless link for my brother the attorney..since I built his website. www.uponlaw.com

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