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header_montage1Back in 1972 few consumer gadgets were as cool and sought after if you could afford one, as the led watch. The Pulsar watch’s debut on the Johnny Carson show in 1972 kicked off the craze – the Pulsar P1 is generally accepted as the first electronic digital watch. The digital watch market changed rapidly over just 3-4 years – LEDs were replaced by the more efficient LCDs and generally abandoned. Fast forward 40 years and the must-have horology (watch) item is…a vintage digital watch, particularly the LED watch. Along with vintage LED & LCD watches & gadgets, we offer some modern items reminiscent of that era.

Shop without the rush & hurry of auction bidding or impersonal sales site – I can swap bands and so forth.  Look around and thanks for showing up!  Ed Cantarella

The Swap Stops Here! The malicious swapping of modules is a huge problem in the collectible, digital watch world that costs us all ; fortunately, a new technology,  DataDots® helps stop this.  More….
WATCH – the history of the modern wrist watch. by Pieter Doensen, 253 pg. copyright 1994 Don’t just be a collector, be an enthusiast, display this “bible” of modern wrist watch history on your coffee table or desk today!  BRAND NEW – FRESH FROM PUBLISHER more info here  

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